Leon Heunes fired on 17,03,2024

Ludwig Fortmuller fired on 02,02,2024

First solo firing by CAOSA Gunner Theo van der Merwe on 22,11,2023

Robert Bateman fired in gale force winds on 8,11,2023

Tim Humphreys-Davies fired in gale force winds on 8,11,2023

Lalie Le Roux fired in gale force winds on 21,10,2023

Derec Barnard fired on 03 September 2023

Mia Jensen fired on 26,08,2023

Albert Jan Bakkes fired on 19,08,2023

Protea team fired on 18,08,2023

Gary Mostert fired on 14,07,2023

Leo Elbers fired on 18,04,2023

Francisca Pletsers  fired on 10,03,2023

First firing on Nitida live stream camera on 10,03,2023

Dave Thompson fired on 04,03,2023

Roy Fuller Gee fired on 14,01,2023

Chris Prodehl fired on 11,01,2023

Dirk van de Erve fired on 21,12,2022

Pieter Trutter of the Protea Team firing a cannon with Flintlock pistol 

Tracey and Lee Mulcahy firing a 9 pounder cannon on their wedding day

Antoinette Jacobs firing 9 pounder muzzle loading cannon on her 72th Birthday

Antoinette Jacobs performing Sabrage on her 72th Birthday

Andrew Lu fired a 9 pounder cannon

Brian Davies firing 8 pounder muzzle loading cannon

Duwayne Scheepers firing  a 4 pounder cannon on 26 November 2020

Proof firing of 8 pounder on Church square Worcester on 18 February 2020

Harris du Plessis performing a Sabrage on 21 February 2020

Melanie Lubbe from Ecoss Southern Africa is firing the 9 pounder Field gun at Nitida Cannon Station on 21 February 2020

Cllr Julian Kritzinger firing the 8 pounder cannon to celebrate Worcester Bi Centennial 

Firing of 12 pounder muzzle loading cannon at Friends of Tygerberg Hills Spring Festival 14 September 2019

Protea  Black powder shooting Team firing on 15,07,2019

Members of the Quadriplegic Association of the Western Cape firing on 13,06,2019

17 May 2019

Celebrating International Sauvignon Blanc Day

Beaulieu Matthew firing 9 pounder

Beaulieu Matthew performed Sabrage

Bernhard Veller firing 9 pounder

36 pounder Carronade 1st firing since 1803 

Caellum Mathew Stripp firing 9 pounder

Firings a few years ago

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